Actum Advisory


Real Estate Financing

Acquisition Finance
Helping investors and property developers finance viable opportunities that fall outside of bank appetite.
Non Bank Construction Funding
Arranging senior, stretch senior & mezzanine construction funding for a range of project types and sizes with little to no pre-sales, capitalised interest and funding as high as 75% LVR.
Blended Funding Pathways
Arranging structured finance facilities for development projects where banks and non banks work collaboratively to realise an outcome.
Equity Release
Financing solutions enabling you extract value from improved assets or release equity from projects nearing completion for your next opportunity.
Mezzanine and Bridging Finance
Urgent short or medium term 2nd mortgage finance over improved and under construction assets.
Land Bank & Subdivision Funding
Pre DA or permit approved site finance, arranging and modelling the desirable capital structure for single or multi stage subdivision projects.

Private Credit

Growth & Expansion Funding
Helping structure flexible and highly tailored finance solutions for what's coming next where the banks can't help.
Business Acquisition Finance
Term funding facilities for single or rolling acquisition of adjacent or complimentary businesses.
Restructure Funding
Structured debt facilities built around your businesses life cycle to unlock value and capitalise on opportunity.

We specialise in advising on, structuring and sourcing commercial funding solutions.

Commercial Property Finance
Property finance for developers & investors
Private Capital
Specialist advisory and capital raising from private markets
Transaction Advisory
Tailored advisory services to evaluate and navigate commercial transactions

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